Ferndale has a number of big projects on the horizon and a number of big decisions to make. These decisions will affect our city for years to come and helping make these decisions is a serious responsibility. I look forward to serving on the Ferndale City Council to get answers to important questions that will allow for informed decision making and ensure our city's success into the future.


Did you know it takes over an hour to ride the bus from Ferndale to downtown Bellingham? The WTA's own data show that most people who get on the bus in Ferndale are headed to Bellingham. The City needs to engage in an active dialogue with the WTA so that we can work on ways to address this huge barrier to the use of public transit in our community.  I would like to promote active conversations between the City and the WTA so we can improve how public transit serves our community by providing access to services for those who live in our city as well as making it easier for visitors from around the county to come to Ferndale to see all of the great things we have to offer!

Downtown Development

Ferndale has seen rapid population growth in recent years, yet our downtown core has remained stagnant. The City has made efforts to promote Ferndale as a business-friendly city such as promoting local manufacturing through Ferndale Made and working with WWU students to create a downtown development plan. I applaud these efforts and hope to work with the City to build on the information gathered by the WWU students, but in order to be successful, we have some tough conversations ahead about our priorities. We need to define how we want our city to be known, then work to support business development that promotes that identity. This requires the development of infrastructure that supports business needs while working within the means of the City.

Thornton Street Overpass

The Thornton Overpass project is about to get underway. Throughout this multi-year project, the City Council will be tasked with spending decisions and with oversight to ensure project funds are spent wisely. I look forward to monitoring the progress of this important project as a member of our City Council, working to make sure the project proceeds with community priorities in mind. Once the Thornton Overpass is complete, it will ease traffic congestion in our downtown core and pave the way for significant advances in downtown development.

Ferndale High School

The Ferndale School District is proceeding with planning and construction of the new Ferndale High School. The School District will require support from the City throughout the permitting and building process. As an active member of the School Bond Task Force and then the Support Ferndale Schools Committee, I am familiar with the bond as it was presented and approved by the School Board and subsequently approved by the voters in February. I look forward to supporting the relationship between the City and the School District to facilitate progress on our new Ferndale High School.

Water Conservation

For the last few summers, we have seen record-setting high temperatures and drought conditions. Our city took measures to respond to a water shortage last summer and an expected water shortage this summer by implementing mandatory watering restrictions. I would like to work with the City to develop other methods to support and promote year-round water conservation efforts so these efforts can become a sustainable part of how our community operates instead of a reaction to a crisis. 
It is time to broaden the conversation that must be had between the City of Ferndale, the other cities in Whatcom County, and ultimately, with the County as a whole about how we will all manage this critical resource together. It is time for all the municipalities in Whatcom County to begin working cooperatively to find ways to manage our water supply together. It makes no sense to have one city struggling to ensure all its residents are able to access clean potable water, while the next city over has more than they know what to do with. We need a County-wide effort to address current and future issues with our water supply. 
In the meantime, we need to focus efforts on achievable water conservation goals. This means not only making water-efficient fixtures and appliances available and affordable for current residents, but also encouraging and promoting the use of rain barrels and native plant species for residential lawns and gardens. These small measures will have a measurable effect in reducing strain on Ferndale's water, sewer, and stormwater systems, at the same time that they lower residents' water use bills.

Neighborhood Traffic

I know first-hand about the problem of cars speeding through our residential neighborhoods. I have watched nervously as my kids cross the street in front of our house, hoping that someone doesn't come flying down our street while not paying attention. My car was totaled while it was parked in front of my home because a distracted driver was going too fast. I know I am not alone in my experiences and with my concern for the safety of my children and neighbors. I would like to work with City staff to review the data regarding traffic accidents in our neighborhoods, with a particular focus on single-driver incidents, to see if we can identify specific areas that should be assessed for speed mitigation strategies.

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