I am proud to accept the following endorsements:

Riveters Collective: "We enthusiastically endorse Maralise Fegan for Ferndale City Council Position 7. We perceived Maralise to be a thoughtful advocate for what community improvement should look like in Ferndale. We appreciated that she brought forward specific plans for moving Ferndale toward improved transportation and housing. Her experience as an active member with the Community Emergency Response Team show her ability to plan and respond to the big picture and long-range plans on behalf of the community."

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Cathy Watson, Former Ferndale City Councilmember: "Maralise spends her days running a law office and her nights working beside her husband to raise their two children. Maralise is by nature a critical thinker and a problem solver. On the [School] District’s Bond Task Force, she always asked the hard questions and never stopped asking until she received fact-based answers. As a working mom, Maralise also knows how hard it is to make ends meet and that there are limits on how much our residents can pay for essential services. I believe Maralise Fegan is the best candidate because I know she will always make decisions based on actual data, and that those decisions will also be driven by her desire to do what’s best for all Ferndale residents."

Read Cathy Watson's full letter to the editor here.

Joe Lupo, Support Ferndale Schools Committee Co-Chair: "I personally endorse Maralise Fegan for City Council Position 7

I believe Maralise is the best candidate for Ferndale City council. I had the pleasure of working closely with Maralise for 18 months through the Bond Task Force then on the Bond Campaign. During the early weeks and months, I took notice of her very thorough thought process when analyzing the issues. Her direct but caring line of questioning was focused on learning the facts regardless of outcome on school district related issues. It was then I felt very confident she was genuinely wanting to know all the facts before making a final determination and I knew she was an asset. As we worked on the campaign portion of what was the 2018 and then the 2019 School Bond for Ferndale School District it was abundantly clear to me she was very interested in the big picture as well as the details that made that campaign run smooth. Maralise went out of her way to ensure wording was correct every time, and various work products she collaborated on flowed and intertwined with the group’s overall purpose and message.

I later learned that Maralise played a vital role in the Ferndale Emergency Resource Network (FERN) and she and her spouse dedicate a lot of personal time to ensuring that FERN has the support they need to create a safe and positive community support mechanism for not only the Ferndale Auxiliary Communication Service (ACS) but Whatcom County Emergency Response Team (CERT).

Maralise is thoughtful and thorough in her work product and her ability to collaborate with others. Ferndale needs people who can see today but also has a vision for the future. I firmly believe Maralise Fegan is that person.

I cannot vote in Ferndale elections, as I live outside city limits, so for myself when a quality candidate comes along that is as dedicated to her family and making the city a better place as she is, has the desire to put the effort into the town I grew up in and call home, and is willing to put in the time I can’t help but make my support known to those who don’t personally know Maralise Fegan and maybe don’t know who they are voting for. Please consider voting for Maralise Fegan for Ferndale City Council Position 7. When elected I firmly believe she will not let the City of Ferndale and you down!"

Read Joe Lupo's letter to the editor here.

Gayland Gump, Ferndale Community Volunteer:
Joe Lupo’s letter of support for Maralise Fegan for Ferndale City Council Position 7 deserves a second, which I wish to provide. I’ve been a resident of Ferndale for more than a decade now and have been pretty active in the community as a volunteer for much of that time. I first met Maralise and Brandon as fellow Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) volunteers which led them to get their Amateur Radio Licenses so they could join the Ferndale Police Department’s Auxiliary Communications Service (ACS).

The Ferndale Emergency Resource Network (FERN) was an outgrowth of meetings between Ferndale CERT & ACS volunteers, Cathy Watson, past city council person, and others. Maralise was a big contributor in those meetings. Joe has given a wonderful summary of Maralise’s skill set. She is an extraordinarily clear thinker and communicator. Inquisitive, thoughtful, and committed, Maralise would make an exceptional city council person.

Maralise’s commitment to the community is evident in her volunteerism. I’ve no doubt that her contributions to the Ferndale School District’s Bond effort were significant as noted by Joe Lupo. I’ve seen Maralise in action and have been impressed on multiple occasions.

Maralise is energetic, intelligent, inquisitive, and ethical. Fair minded, she really listens when you talk to her. She won’t put hidden agendas before the well being of the community. She will be an outstanding city council person. Vote for Maralise Fegan for Ferndale City Council Position 7.

Read Gayland Gump's letter to the editor here.

Amy Nylen, Teacher:
I write to offer endorsements of Maralise Fegan and Anya Milton for Ferndale City Council. I’ve worked with both Maralise and Anya through the Bond Task Force and the Support Ferndale Schools campaign committee for the Ferndale School District bond. Maralise and Anya are running for office for the right reasons, out of thoughtful concern for the future of Ferndale. They already devote much time and energy to improving life in Ferndale, and the next step of serving on city council will maximize their considerable skills and contributions.

Maralise Fegan has a talent for listening to multiple viewpoints and quickly finding common ground. She uses data to make smart decisions, and is willing to ask challenging questions in order to find out more. She presents complex information in multiple ways, to provide the needed background information for all citizens to understand. The bond simply wouldn’t have passed without Maralise’s commitment to developing a reasonable bond package and to the subsequent campaigns. Maralise works diligently to keep our community safer, through the Auxiliary Communications Service (ACS), Whatcom Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), Ferndale Emergency Resource Network (FERN), and Ferndale Youth Emergency Services club (YES). She will work to find solutions to our current challenges, using her thoughtful and team-building approach.

Anya Milton will advocate for all of Ferndale’s citizens. She has an extensive track record–through Access Freedom, Northwest Youth Services, and the Boys and Girls Club–of lifting marginalized voices. Her work for the Ferndale Chamber of Commerce demonstrates her commitment to growing business in Ferndale, and developing the community support and infrastructure required for a thriving local economy. Anya helps her teams develop visions and goals, then make actionable plans for implementation. Her leadership very much empowers the people around her; Anya makes space for every member of a group to contribute. Anya’s service as co-chair of the Ferndale School District Bond Oversight Committee symbolizes her high expectations for accountability, both for herself and the organizations she serves.

Like Joe Lupo, I live just outside the city limits, but for 20 years now, my heart has been squarely in the city of Ferndale. Maralise and Anya represent the very best of Ferndale, emphasizing the unity in our community. Please vote for Maralise Fegan and Anya Milton for Ferndale City Council.

Read Amy Nylen's letter to the editor here.

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