Sunday, September 15, 2019

What does City Council do anyway?

Have you ever wondered what it is that our City Council does? According to the Ferndale City Website, "The Ferndale City Council is the legislative and policy-making body of city government. Council members are responsible for passing laws through ordinance and policies through resolutions, and approve the annual budget initially proposed by the mayor."

The Ferndale City Council is tasked with evaluating a broad range of issues that affect everyone who lives, works, or does business here.  It is important for our City Council members to be informed on a broad range of topics and be thoughtful, involved, and independent.  Council members need to be able to consider multiple perspectives when making decisions, remain open-minded about creative approaches to solving problems,  and make sure that the best interests of the City and its residents are at the heart of the decision-making process.  

I have been regularly attending Council meetings and reviewing meeting packets since the beginning of 2019.  I have also attended all of the 2019 financial workshops in preparation for the 2020 budget.  This means I will be in a position to start serving our city on day one!  The decisions made by the Council now will affect our community for years to come.  Helping make these decisions is a responsibility that I take seriously.  

An actual application I assembled!
(yes, this is just one)
My professional background as a paralegal and office manager provides me with the tools and skills necessary for understanding proposals on a wide range of issues and making legislative and policy decisions, all while welcoming input and constructive feedback from Ferndale residents.  I spent several years of my career reviewing financial records and business plans for immigrant investment projects.  I am no stranger to sifting through piles of paperwork.

As in my volunteer work in Ferndale, my motivations for decision making are based on the wellbeing and success of our community.  Through my work with the School Bond Task Force, Support Ferndale Schools Committee, Ferndale Auxiliary Communications Service, Whatcom CERT, and others, I have had the opportunity to hone my problem-solving and consensus-developing skills here in our community.  I am willing to ask tough questions and work with and for the residents of Ferndale toward reasonable, well-balanced solutions and growth that works for our residents.  

This is why I'm running for City Council and I believe I am the best candidate for this position.  I would be honored to have your support on November 5th!

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